GSG MP40 9mm (NEW)
Price: $649.00
Item# C001_PID000417

Product Description:

Barrel Length10.8"
Capacity25 + 1
The MP-40 (machine pistol) was developed in Nazi Germany during WWII, and
American Tactical and GSG are excited to bring this reproduction of the
original WWII MP-40 to the United States. Manufactured as a pistol with no
stock, this replica classic firearm is the closest version of an MP-40 to
be importable in decades. While maintaining a close overall appearance to
the original firearm, the GSG-MP40P 9mm is manufactured with all-new parts
to US regulation specs for importation. It has a Zamak 5 (zinc alloy) frame
with polymer accents, a 25-round magazine, and includes a loading
assistance accessory. The MP-40 is perfect for casual plinking, target
shooting, and hunting.